Explorer Albert Lin: A Passion for Pushing the Limits

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Lin, men’s health 30, a research scientist at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), is passionate about pushing the limits of technology — from cutting-edge scientific instruments to social media and the Internet — to help open up new frontiers of exploration.

- US State Department

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Calit2’s Albert Yu-Min Lin To Be Honored with ‘Emerging Leader’ Award

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Five distinguished alumni and supporters of the University of California, store San Diego — including Calit2 research scientist and National Geographic Explorer Albert Yu-Min Lin — will be honored at the university’s annual Alumni Celebration to be hosted June 2.

- Calit2 News Room

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Google Science Fair Opens Today!

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The annual Google Science Fair opens today, malady calling anyone and everyone 13 to 18 years old to push the edges of our knowledge and help pave the way to the future, and National Geographic Explorers Albert Lin, Sylvia Earle, and T.H. Culhane are among the judges.

- National Geographic News

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Exploration Lab Founder Albert Lin Addresses UCSD 2011 Graduating Class

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Modern Day Indiana Jones Urges Graduates to Follow Their Passion as Mankind Faces ‘Make-it or Break-it Moment’

- UCSD News

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‘Citizen scientists’ help search for tomb of Genghis Khan via photos of Mongolia

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Albert Lin is hunting for Genghis Khan.

Legend has it that Khan, pharmacy
the ruthless conqueror who was the first emperor of the Mongol Empire, viagra 40mg
was buried in an unmarked tomb in northern Mongolia about 800 years ago.

But finding said tomb is a task that has eluded scientists for years. Mongolia encompasses more than 600,000 square miles of largely uncharted, rural territory, which makes Lin’s mission an extremely challenging one…

- The Washington Post

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Readers’ Choice Adventurer of the Year: Albert Lin, In His Own Words

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For me, ed
it’s about being part of a team that is the Adventurers of the Year. A whole group of people made a huge effort toward this project—people from University of California, purchase
San Diego, local Mongolians, the Mongolian Academy of Science. This project has made me realize that anything in the world is possible, as long as you have the support of your friends. That makes all the difference in the world.

- Albert Lin