Our mission is to push the limits of both Technology and Exploration. The Exploration Laboratory works closely with our industry and academic partners to drive innovation, story and maximize the potential of tools in the field.

Selected Field Tools

Satellite Remote Sensing

Ultra-high Resolution Earth Imaging at a resolution of up to 0.5 meters is utilized though collaborations with industry partners like the Geoeye Foundation.

Visual Analytics

Housed within the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology at UC San Diego the Exploration Laboratory leverages the advanced 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Environments like “The Starcave” as well the world’s highest resolution interactive data platforms like the HIPERSPACE wall to enable massive scale data analytics and push Exploration past the 21st century.

Aerial Remote Sensing

We designed, prototype and deploy custom Unmanned Aerial Imaging (UAV) technologies to get a bird’s eye view in extreme and rugged conditions. These are equipped with multi-spectral imaging and sensor technology.

Geophysical Remote Sensing

The world’s leading geophysical survey technologies are used to map whats under our feet, in places you cannot dig. In collaboration with GeoStudi Astier we harness the Ground Penetrating Radar, Magnetic Imaging, Electro-Magnetic Imaging, and Electro-resistivity Tomography.

Digital Exploration, Crowdsourcing

The Exploration Laboratory is a pioneer in the field of crowdsourcing, having conducted massive scale efforts to sift through vast expanses of unmapped satellite imagery for archaeological clues.

Expedition Technology

Pushing the limits of expedition science, the Exploration Laboratory partners with outdoor equipment leaders such as the North Face, Brunton as well as leading field technology developers such as Amrel, Brunton, Antenna Products to define what is possible.